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6 Reasons Why 360 Photo Booths Are Loved at Parties and Events

6 Reasons Why 360 Photo Booths Are Loved at Parties and Events

How did you feel last time you attended a work party or wedding and you spotted the spinning camera booth area. Did your eyes light up as you planned your awesome photos? After all, you were wearing your new favorite outfit, the one you bought special just for the occasion. We feel the same way when we see a SPINABOOTH. It’s the secret sauce to an unforgettable party. Here are six reasons why 360 photo booths are loved and enjoyed by party guests and event planners.

Spinning camera booths replace and enhance the classic selfie

Spinning camera booths are the latest and greatest in event photography. This means guests no longer have to try to squeeze all of their gorgeous gown into a selfie. With a SPINABOOTH, guests can review the animated video GIF they just took, checking smiles and poses.

They're great for groups

Not only is a 360 photo booth a huge improvement on the traditional selfie, it’s also great for groups. Each SPINABOOTH package comes complete with a base platform where partygoers step up to and ensure they’re captured by the camera. Here’s a quick snapshot of our SPINABOOTH models and how many guests they hold:

  • The 27” base fits 1-2 guests
  • The 31” base fits up to 3 guests
  • The 40” base fits up to 4 guests
  • The 45” base fits up to 5 guests

Spin A Booth is a DIY experience

A big reason guests love seeing a 360 photo booth at an event is because it’s a do-it-yourself experience. They can grab their friends and loved ones, head to the booth area and plan out fun poses. No photographer posing them or rules. Let the silliness begin.

360 photo booths capture memories

Photos and videos are the best way to capture memories, especially at once-in-a-lifetime events like weddings, anniversary parties, company launches, fundraisers and big birthday parties. SPINABOOTHs are unique in that they capture GIFs, short animated videos that show movement, personality and are a modern upgrade to the classic photograph.

Guests get instant satisfaction

Partygoers love SPINABOOTH because there’s no wait to see your creations. Guests can review their photos, slow motion video or GIFs and add extras like overlays, animations, emojis or wedding logos to make the memories more special. They can then share their photos or videos instantly on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter before they step off the platform.

Spinning camera booths make your event better

Anyone in the entertainment and event industry will tell you: An event is only as successful as its attendance and happiness of the attendees. The five reasons above are why guests love 360 photo booths. But why do event planners, DJs, photographers, etc. love them? It’s simple: They’re easy to transport, set up, maintain, use and will bring in extra money for each event.

See for yourself why there’s a lot to love about SPINABOOTH — click here to shop now.

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