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advertise your 360 photo booth business

6 Tips to Advertise Your 360 Photo Booth Business - Part 1

If you have a 360 photo booth business, one of your key functions as a business owner will be finding effective ways to advertise your 360 photo booth services.

In fact, much of your success as a business owner will be related to having effective advertising campaigns.

In this article we'll take a look at different ways that you can advertise when you have a small adverting budget.

1. Website for Your 360 Photo Booth Business

In today's business world you must have a website to do business and to show that you are a legitimate business.

Budget will be the guideline as to what you do. If it’s tight, you can get something set up DIY style on a platform like WIX or Squarespace or Shopify. All come with out-of-the box themes where you can just pick the theme you like best and then customize it. It’s a simple point and click action to build a nice-looking site.

WordPress is one of the more well established and well-known website builders and has thousands of people who know how to create in them. They also come with plenty of built-in themes and theme builders such as Divi and Elementor.

WordPress also has thousands of free plugins as well as paid plugins, so it becomes quite easy to do almost about anything you can imagine.

Pro Tip: Choose a domain name that is easy to remember, not hard to type into a search bar and ideally shows the type of business you’re in.

2. Business Cards for Your 360 Photo Booth Business

Once you have established a phone number and a website for your 360 photo booth business.  Get business cards.  do this before you do any other advertising.  Wherever you go you can give people your business card. They're easy to use, easy to replenish and people will hold onto them for their next party.

Pro Tip: Put a professional picture of yourself on the card along with your logo and make sure you leave a stack of them at every event or party where you ]rent your 360 photo booth out.

3. Google/Facebook Ads

Both platforms have excellent directions on how to set up and run  ads. However, if your budget allows, it is always a better choice to get a professional on this task as they’ll have inside knowledge on ways to best maximize your budget.

Pro Tip: Reputable places to find professionals would be fiver.com or upwork.com.

4. Website Opt-in Offer (aka "The Lead Magnet)

Your opt-in offer is the trade secret of a website that makes you money vs. one that just looks great. Typically, the opt-in offer is called the "lead magnet".  Most marketing statistics show that an interested person typically doesn’t convert to a buyer until he’s been touched 7 times by various forms of outreach.

This means that very few of your first-time visitors will be hitting your site and booking your 360 photo booth for their next party. To solve this problem, smart digital marketers create a compelling opt-in offer that will get people to opt-in for something that you are offering which they want or need.

We’ve all been to websites that said, “join our mailing list”, or “subscribe to get more information in your email” and of course this is the worst advertising offer you can give a person!  Who wants more email? Exactly, nobody. Your opt-in offer has to be so good that they are ok with getting email from you afterwards.

Another common pitfall is when you offer a coupon on a purchase. Try to avoid this as your only offer. You’re trying to capture your visitor. Since he’s not ready to buy yet, offering a coupon is not necessarily going to reel him in. You need creative thinking here. What’s something you can offer to your potential purchaser (or renter of your services) that they really feel they need and even can’t do without? And you must be willing to make it a free offer.

The offer will be as creative as you are. Your offer should attract your desired audience too. The beauty of this is that you can advertise it with your Google/Facebook ads. Look around the internet at various websites to see what types of free offers you can find. That’s a great way to produce ideas of what you can offer.

Once you’ve figured out what you’ll offer, there’s a few steps to getting it set up correctly. If  you’re not super handy with a website, it will be better for you to hire a marketing guru to get the offer created and set up on your site.

If you are well-versed in the ways of websites, then make sure you’ve created an opt-in funnel that will collect their mobile number, email, and first name.

Pro Tip: Don't try to gather any extra data as you don’t want to have people abandon the opt-in process because you made it too long.

5. Email Marketing to Advertise Your 360 Photo Booth Business

A good offer builds a list which can be marketed to. As you market, the conversions start rolling in. Minimally you should have a series of seven emails delivered to your leads over a ten-week period.

These emails need to get your leads excited about doing business with you, so make them good! Talk about the benefits or perks of your 360 photo booths. Be transparent with your pricing and your services. Make it easy for them to do business with you. 

A well-crafted email series is worth thousands of dollars in business. So don’t skimp!  You can set these up in email service platforms like MailChimp. They’ll auto deliver on the schedule you set up. Don’t make any one email too long because they won’t read it all if you do.

There are so many different advertising solutions that you can use to get business. These are just a few of the most essential, basic and affordable ones with which you should start.

Pro Tip: Create a short video introducing yourself that will help your leads connect with you. Make sure every email has your contact info including your phone number.

6. Postcard Marketing to Advertise Your 360 Photo Booth Business

Postcards are an under-utilized and remarkably effective advertising medium. Depending upon your budget, you can have them designed and printed in large quantities and send them out to a purchased list of wedding planners, party planners, event planners, etc. at a bulk postage rate that is quite affordable.

If you’re advertising on a shoestring budget then you can design the postcard yourself using a resource like Vistaprint, and with a little bit of googling locate those party planners and hand address the post cards yourself.

Set a goal of how many post cards you’ll put out and then don’t stop until you achieve the goal. A good goal would be at least 100 a week, but a better goal would be two hundred. Get them in the mail as early in the week as possible so that you’ll get bookings for the weekend.

Pro Tip: Even if you have the addresses done by machine, have the company use a handwriting font as people are far more likely to look at something that appears to have been personally addressed.

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