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how to start a 360 photo booth business

How to Start a 360 Photo Booth Business

Create a Business Plan for your 360 Photo Booth Business

Interested in knowing how to start a 360 photo booth business? Your first step should be a business plan. Most new businesses that are successful started in the planning mode.

A business plan is a very smart action. If you need financing, for example, the prospective lender will want to see your business plan, but also it helps you stay focused on the actions you need to take to start a 360 photo booth business and then stay on task as your business grows. 

In essence, the business plan becomes a guide. You set goals, you create income projections, you identify promotion and sales actions, and so much more.  It really helps take the idea of running your own business from just a thought to a real world plan of action that you can use to create a successful 360 photo booth business.

The nice thing about new business start up today is that there is a template or app for almost anything it seems! You'll be able to search online to find an app or a "fill in the blanks" template to create your business plan for how to start a 360 photo booth business.  

Set Your 360 Photo Booth Business Up

A part of starting any business for yourself, includes the legalities. A name for your business and a bank account. You'll also need to decide what type of a business you want to set up.  The most common type is a sole proprietorship.  Many people will choose an LLC however. 

You can google both to get a general idea of the pros and cons of each. You'll also need to have the business paperwork filed so you can get your checking account set up. This may sound like a lot of groundwork to lay, but it actually is fairly easy to do. 

In fact, many banks have a business manager who will help you set up your paperwork and checking account at the same time.  

Order Your 360 Photo Booth

Your next step in the "How to Start a 360 Photo Business" should be securing your 360 photo booth. That's where we come in. SPINABOOTH has the best 360 photo booths on the market . We provide top level support and we also offer financing through Klarna and Clicklease. Clicklease is an exciting option because they welcome all credit scores, making it much easier to get approved.

Find out about both financing options here:  https://spinabooth.com/pages/financing

View our collection of 360 photo booths  here: https://spinabooth.com/collections/frontpage

Create a Website for Your 360 Photo Booth Business

start a 360 photo booth business

Now that you've got your equipment secured, you'll want to get your website up. 

Today, getting a website up and running is very easy.  If you have no experience, try WIX or Squarespace or Shopify

All these companies are pretty much "fill in the blank" website makers - super easy to do & very affordable!  Better still, you can have the website up and running while you're waiting for your Spinabooth 360 photo booth to arrive.

They also have resources to help you set up your credit card processing so people can rent hourly event packages directly from the website.  

Start Marketing Your 360 Photo Booth Business

Now you're ready to market your 360 photo booth business!  Depending upon your budget start close to home by setting up a Facebook Business page and Instagram and any other social media that you use for your business and invite all your friends. 

Use a resource like Vista Print and get yourself some very affordable business cards and pass them out wherever you go.

Create some nice offers, such as 30% off first photo booth rental, or save 15% when they refer a friend.  

Consider running google ads too. They're a great way to get your new 360 photo booth business getting noticed!

Now it's time to review your business plan, see what else you should be doing!  As you move forward with your business your revenues will grow based upon your advertising including word of mouth advertising. 

Make sure you always leave fliers or business cards for guests at events where you set up your 360 photo booth for example.  That is great free advertising!

There will be a lot of little steps along the way, but this guideline is a pretty good big picture on how to start a 360 photo booth business

Do well and don’t forget we’re here for you!




Great advice I’m there and now working of a business plan.

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