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Quick Guide: Four Steps to Starting a Photo Booth Business

Quick Guide: Four Steps to Starting a Photo Booth Business

So you’ve got the idea to make money by renting out a 360 photo booth for events? Fantastic — we’re here to support you. You’ve already gotten yours or are in the process of buying a portable photo booth online. Here are four steps to starting your own photo booth rental business today.

Step 1: Buy a portable photo booth online

Before you start your business, you’re going to need a high-quality 360 photo booth — and SPINABOOTH has you covered. Our spinning arm photo booth packages come complete with everything you need to head to your first event, or add to your equipment if you’re already an established business owner. Plus, we proudly offer a customer service team who is ready to answer your questions about photo booth maintenance, troubleshooting and how to get the most out of your machine. Click here to shop SPINABOOTH models.

Step 2: Create a website or social media profiles

Now that your SPINABOOTH is on its way to you, now is the perfect time to set up your online presence, which is the key to getting your first client to rent out your spinning arm booth. It may be intimidating and work up front, but building your own website and creating 360 photo booth business profiles on popular social media channels is how to establish your online presence and make you findable to potential clients. 

You don’t need to embark on the timely task of making a profile on every single social media platform you’ve ever heard — instead, focus on Facebook and Instagram. Facebook is community-based; you’ll be able to post on Facebook Marketplace, create ads, chat with potential clients and link to your booking page by way of your Facebook page.

Speaking of linking to your booking page, we highly recommend creating your own website. You can do so for free with Weebly or Wix — or invest in super-customizable website creators like Squarespace. 

Step 3: Automate your website.

We highly recommend working smarter, not harder when it comes to your new 360 photo booth business. If you’re looking to start a rental business as a side hustle for extra income or as your main gig but want to avoid burnout, automate your website for clients. 

Set up a sign-up page where clients can see your availability with a calendar, enter all of their event information and book you without having to speak to you. Of course, for that personal touch, give your clients a call after you receive their info. Here’s a list of client info to ask for on your booking page:

  • Client name
  • Event type (Use a dropdown box for clients to quickly choose from.)
    • Wedding, birthday, anniversary, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, holiday party, corporate event, album or film release party, other
  • Event venue and address
  • Event date
  • Contact information 
    • Phone number
    • Email address
  • Extras (Make these radio boxes that guests can check.)
    • Props and signage
    • Custom props
    • Custom signage
    • 360 photo booth curved background
    • Custom curved background
  • Special requests (Make this a free form box clients can write in.)

Step 4: Run Facebook ads.

Now that you’ve got a professional website with a booking page, now it’s time to attract potential clients. Facebook and Facebook Marketplace is one of the best and easiest ways to get the word out about your 360 photo booth rental business. Post on your personal Facebook page and your business page to find clients. To take it a step further, create ads for your business. Facebook walks you through it step by step.

Ready to start your very own photo booth business? Click here to shop SPINABOOTH models.

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