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SPINABOOTH Care Guide: 4 Ways to Clean Your SPINABOOTH Easily

SPINABOOTH Care Guide: 4 Ways to Clean Your SPINABOOTH Easily

Just like your automobile, SPINABOOTH operates best when it's clean and well taken care of. When you buy a portable photo booth online, you want to make your investment last for years to come. From the platform base and remote controls to the bag of props, there are many pieces of the SPINABOOTH that should get regular cleaning and care.

But don’t fret — taking care of your booth is simple and can be done in a matter of minutes after each event or just a few times a year, whichever fits your schedule. Here’s the complete guide to cleaning your 360 photo booth.

How to Store Your 360 Photo Booth to Make It Last

When your SPINABOOTH is not being used, you’ll want to store it in a way that keeps it in tip-top shape. Your main goal should be keeping it covered and away from any moisture. This solution is easy — after each event, be sure to take your machine apart and place it in its travel case and store that travel case in a dry place. Moisture won’t be healthy for the metal bits of your SPINABOOTH, so avoid storage areas like your dank basement. Instead, opt for a covered storage unit or that big closet in your home.

How to Clean Your SPINABOOTH Platform Base

Your 360 photo booth base platform will get a lot of foot traffic — literally! During events, you can sweep off any dirt from guests’ shoes with a hand broom. For things like mud and glitter (because you know there’s going to be glitter), opt for a damp cloth. To clean mud or any other hard-to-wipe spills, don’t be afraid to use a little mild soap with your damp cloth, or grab a disinfectant wipe to make things even easier. Don’t forget to dry the base platform well to keep guests safe.

How to Clean Your 360 Photo Booth Remote Controls

Disinfect your remotes regularly with disinfectant wipes. Avoid getting them wet! If your remote control buttons feel sticky or seem like the action is lagging behind when you press a button, there could be debris stuck in the buttons. Use compressed air to clean out the buttons. Then, keep them germ-free with a not-too-wet disinfectant wipe. 

How to Clean Your Props

Your 360 photo booth package comes complete with a selection of props so that you can be event-ready the day you receive your box in the mail. Because they’ll get heavy use at weddings, birthday parties and corporate events, props should be cleaned regularly. Clean plastic props with mild antibacterial soap and warm water. Clean felt props with a spray disinfectant (we recommend testing the spray on one prop first), and spot clean with a damp cloth if needed.

Now that you know everything there is to know about keeping them clean, click here to shop SPINABOOTH.

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