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Top 4 Photo Pose Ideas With a SPINABOOTH 360 Booth

Top 4 Photo Pose Ideas With a SPINABOOTH 360 Booth

Lights, 360 camera, action! Guests who are new to a 360 revolving photo booth may be intimidated by the spinning arm, unsure what to do while on the platform, etc. After all, the state-of-the-art photo booth technology captures movement as opposed to just still photographs. And with movement comes great potential!

If you’re seeing guests look shy or unsure, don’t hesitate to comfort them by jumping up on the platform base and showing them some ideas. Show them how and where the spinning arm rotates around the platform base, and how they can follow the camera with their eyes, dance, use props — the pose and creative expression possibilities are limitless. Here are four fantastic photo pose ideas guests can strike at your next event.

Idea 1: Get silly and creative with props and signage

When in doubt, props are the way to go if you encounter shy guests. A foolproof pose when using a 360 photo booth is holding a silly prop — think fancy top hats, big beer glasses, mustaches, cardboard wigs, money guns, nerdy glasses — or funny signage, like “my squad,” “I came for the cake,” etc.

To increase your profits, you consider adding a package to your list of services where clients can ask for custom signage. This could be anywhere from a bride and groom’s name and wedding date to a “Happy Birthday, Ben!” sign to a couple’s wedding hashtag. If you’re crafty, DIY your signs. If you’re not so crafty, hit up your local party supply store or outsource your sign-making to a local maker. Can’t find a local creator? Take a look at Etsy to browse photo props available for purchase. Build up your arsenal of signage, props and accouterments that add to guests’ experiences. 

Idea 2: Do a little dance for the camera

Because the spinning camera booth captures movement and produces an energetic and animated GIF photo, dancing is always a good idea. The running man, the disco finger, impressive shoulder moves, arms raised high, rhythmic wiggling — they’re all welcome on a 360 photo booth platform. Make sure to set up your photo booth close to where the music is bumping.

Idea 3: Strike a pose back-to-back

A classic and cool pose that looks best when shot by a 360 photo booth is the back-to-back, too-cool-for-school pose. Couples or even groups of three and four guests can stand back-to-back with their arms crossed, looking out into the distance, looking as if you’re pondering deeply, etc. Typically people don’t smile for these more “serious” shots and the end product is always a treat. Encourage guests who try this pose to make eye contact with the camera when it’s on them for extra intensity.

Idea 4: Toast to good times

Another go-to pose that looks good without movement and awesome when taken with a spinning camera booth is the classic toast. Nothing says celebration like glasses raised high in the air. Guests can stand back-to-back, in a line, or in two lines (this will depend on which model of Spin A Booth you get, as they have differing sizes of platform bases), then give a toast, nod, wink, etc. to the camera as it swirls around them.

Some 360 photo booth owners may want to have rules around no drinks around the spinning camera booth — and that’s okay! We recommend reminding guests of your rules with helpful signage.

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