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what is a 360 photo booth?

What Is a 360 Photo Booth?

Many People Ask, "What Is the 360 Photo Booth?"

As mentioned above, it is the hottest thing in town!  It’s a video camera that circles around your guests who are standing on a platform shooting video as it twirls.

Technically, it’s a 360 video circling arm – there’s no booth. It’s a bit misnamed since you don’t take photos so much as you shoot slow motion video, and your guests do not go into a booth, they stand on a platform.

The guests can do all kinds of fun and crazy things as they stand on the platform letting the video camera slowly spin capture it all. Once the video has been captured, it can be shared to the guests. They can share it to their social media pages as well as store it in the cloud or on their mobile device.

The 360 photo booth, when purchased, does not come with a camera.  However, it supports a number of multimedia choices, including cell phones, tablets, GoPro video cameras, and DSLR cameras. 

What Is 360 Photo Booth Software & Do I Need It?

Although you don’t need software to use the 360 Photo booth, you will provide a much better experience for your party guests if you do. In fact, you will find very few 360 photo booth providers who do not use software to enhance the experience. We recommend Touchpix. (See our article here.)

What Are 360 Photo Booth Accessories?

When you purchase a SPINABOOTH 360 photo booth, you’ll get a few accessories as a part of your purchase (providing you are purchasing from our shop). 

You’ll also be able to get additional accessories directly from our shop.  We continue to add new accessories as we can.

The included 360 photo booth accessories are basically lighting, fun toys, and hand props that your guests can use to create their own unique 360 photo booth video.

One of the more well-known and loved 360 photo booth accessories is the money gun. This little handheld gadget shoots tons of fake money into the air as the guests twirl. 

The ring light is an important part of your 360 photo booth. It is a light that encircles the camera. This ensures that you have sufficient light to capture high quality video.  If you are shooting video in dark areas you’ll definitely need this light. 

If you’re shooting your 360 video outside on a bright day, you will most likely find that the light is not required. It’s always a good idea to test with and without the ring light when you set up the 360 photo booth.

There are other really great accessories that you get with the purchase of a SPINABOOTH 360 photo booth, but to describe them all would make this article too long and you’d probably get tired of reading it, so let's sum it up with 20+ handheld props!

What Can You Do with a 360 Photo Booth?

The short answer is starting your own business and start raking in the profits!

There are at least three major customer groups.

  • Party planners (and this has many subgroups – wedding, corporate, birthday, etc.
  • DJs
  • Venues that provide event/party space to party planners and DJs

Or if you are already a party planner, DJ or operate a venue, then it’s just a matter of promoting that you now have the 360 photo booth to add to the experience you provide for your bookings.

Either way, the 360 photo booth is a major entertainment wave that only gains in popularity so you can’t go wrong! Your revenues from 360 photo booth rentals will make a dramatically noticeable boost in your income whether you're exclusively renting the booth out or including it in your current offers.  You can get a better idea of all that you can do by visiting our Facebook page too.

Most 360 photo booth rental packages will average out to about $300.00 an hour on the modest side, but when you rent for weddings or other large functions the rental fee can go as high as $3,500.00 an hour. Not bad!

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