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What Is a 360 Photo Booth? All Your Questions Answered

What Is a 360 Photo Booth? All Your Questions Answered

You’ve heard about ‘em but what even is a 360 photo booth exactly? How do they work and why are they considered state-of-the-art in the event photography world? What does the end product look like? What makes guests love to see them at events? We’ll answer those questions and more. Keep reading to learn everything you wanted to know about SPINABOOTH photo booths and accessories.

How is a 360 photo booth different from a traditional photo booth?
The magic of a 360 spin photo booth comes from the moveable arm mount and slow-motion software. The arm automatically spins your photography device 360 degrees at the press of a button. Slow-mo software that powers the photo booth captures super-smooth video at every angle.

How do 360 photo booths work?
The spinning camera booth is the latest in photo booth technology — it's a slow motion camera that captures guests in a new way. Guests stand on a platform as a slow motion arm swirls around them, 360 degrees, taking video at every angle. Guests then review their photos, slow motion video or GIFs and add extras like overlays, animations, emojis or wedding logos to make the memories more special. Even better, guests can share their photos or videos instantly on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter right there from the platform.

Why buy a SPINABOOTH over other brands?
SPINABOOTH comes complete with everything you need to take stellar photos and videos right out of the box: The platform, LED ring light, multiple mounts, wireless remotes — plus extras like a travel case, prop templates and a money gun. Simply add your preferred device and give it a spin. Plus, with SPINABOOTH’s intuitive design, you can assemble it by yourself in a matter of minutes. 

We also have a friendly customer service team who works hard to answer your questions and help you make the most of your 360 photo booth. You can connect with us at +1 (833) 917-3728, support@spinabooth.com or chat with us at SPINABOOTH.com — we’re here to help Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm ET.

What do I need to set up a
360 spin photo booth?
All you need to add for your SPINABOOTH to be event-ready is your device and backdrop. No tools are required to assemble! SPINABOOTH is compatible with iOS or Android smartphones, DSLR cameras, iPad or GoPro devices. Because our booths takes 360 degree videos, we recommend a curved or rounded backdrop.

Who is SPINABOOTH for?
SPINABOOTH is designed for anyone who plans or works at big events where a photo booth might help guests capture memories — think anniversaries, corporate events, concerts, birthday bashes, graduation parties and everything in between. Event planners and DJs can add to their list of services. Wedding photographers can have guests taking selfies as they shoot the rest of the event. 

Now that you’re a photo booth expert, click here to shop complete SPINABOOTH packages.

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