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software for a 360 photo booth

What’s the Best Software to Use for a 360 Photo Booth?

Trying to figure out what the best software is for a 360 photo booth?  We'd love to weigh in!

Although you do not need any software to operate a 360 photo booth, when you add software you will bring the entire 360 photo booth experience to the next level for your guests.

Almost Everybody Uses Some Kind of 360 Photo Booth Software

In fact, almost everybody in the 360 photo booth rental industry does use some type of 360 photo booth software. So, the question becomes what is the best software to use for a 360 photo booth?

There are a number of companies that provide apps for 360 photo booths, but we have found that the Touchpix app is by far the best software for a 360 photo booth.

Some of the nicer features with Touchpix software for the 360 photo booth include custom overlays you can add, and special effects like slow motion and boomerang.

Currently they offer more than 60 built-in photo and video filters and effects and they’re always adding more things, keeping it fresh and alive for their customers.

One of the nicest aspects of this app over others that are available is that it’s much easier to share on social media or via messaging.

The app lets you use an iPad to setup a sharing station that sends each video to people using a QR code.

Also, Touchpix has made it very simple to switch between using a GoPro camera, iPhone, or an iPad.  With that level of ease and flexibility they claim that people can create the “most stunning 360 photo booth images and videos”.

With this software for a 360 photo booth video you also get:

  • Background removal
  • Animated overlays and backgrounds
  • Video speed control


Here is a bulleted list of features that they promote on their website:

  • "Engage the super flexible video effects creator to add a bit of pop
  • Give attendee the ability to use still photos, boomerang gifs, video, burst gifs, slomo
  • Choose between photo and video app backgrounds
  • Customizable photo templates
  • Add face props for extra fun
  • Add filters and effects
  • Draw on photos
  • Add stickers to photos
  • Add text to photos
  • Trigger 360 spinner sessions by movement 
  • Explore built-in internet free sharing for iOS and Android devices 
  • Enable sharing via email, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter
  • Sharing queuing for offline sharing and sending out later
  • Automatic background removal
  • Create surveys with up to 5 answer types 
  • Use Airplay for sharing the live view and countdown, replay on a TV
  • Create on TV slideshows w/ Airplay
  • Enable file download from the TV or with a QR code
  • And so much more!"

Support is always an important consideration. Touchpix has training videos and also offers support via email and phone. That's far beyond what other companies offer!

The bottom line is that anybody who is in the 360 photo booth rental business or who is considering a side hustle in the 360 photo booth rental business will find that this software is top of the line. 

If you’ve been looking for the best 360 photo booth software, then we give a thumbs up to Touchpix. 

We’ve tried it with the SPINABOOTH 360 Photo Booths and we are very happy with the results!

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