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Are You Advertising Your Spinabooth Business on Nextdoor?

Are You Advertising Your Spinabooth Business on Nextdoor?

Nextdoor is a "hyper-local" neighborhood community social media platform.  It's focus is to give neighbors an online place to socialize.  If you're familiar with it, you've probably seen people talking about their favorite restaurants in the local area, or perhaps a post about a lost cat or dog.  

It was started in 2008, and at that time, it was just purely the "people on your street" but as the years have passed and the platform has grown, you can now choose a wide variety of neighborhoods in your city or even further away.  As well, the platform has a buy, sell and trade section.

In its early days, there was no advertising and most of the people on the platform didn't even put up a picture of themselves.  After all, why would they, it was just "the folks on your street".  As the platform has grown however, it has become a whole new arena.

Today, you can join and or create groups.  You can set up your own business page to promote your business.  You can also post events, and you can buy advertising just like all the other social media platforms.

Why is Nextdoor a great place to Advertise Your Spinabooth 360 Photobooth?

When you look through your feed on Nextdoor, you'll see that many of the advertisers are from your own neightborhood or town - real local advertising.  You'll find ads that interest people in neighborhoods. In addition to ads for plumbing, electrical, air conditioning and other home repairs, you see ads for the hair stylist, for internet, for package pickup and delivery in your own neighborhood. 

In essence, the ads are hyper focused to reach out to the people closest to you. With the holidays just around the corner, the one thing you know is that there will be a lot of parties --- most of them within a 10 mile radius of your own location.

Advertising your 360 photobooth on Nextdoor makes good sense both during the holidays and year round.  

How Much Does It Cost to Advertise on Nextdoor?

Many Nextdoor advertising opportunities, like creating your business page will cost you nothing. You can also post about your business free, just like other social media platforms.  To run ads you'll find it much easier than trying to set up and run an ad on Facebook, which for many is so complicated they have to hire it out to a specialist.  With Nextdoor, the process is easy, fast and quite affordable.  You'll set your own budget and run the ad for as long as you want.

You'll find their ad tutorial easy to follow and understand too.

If you'd like to explore using Nextdoor to help promote your 360 photobooth business, start by setting up your business page, posting a business post and then look into running an ad.  Here's links to all three:

Set Up Your Business Page: https://business.nextdoor.com/en-us/small-business/product/business-page

Create a Business Post: https://business.nextdoor.com/en-us/small-business/product/business-posts

Set Up an Ad: https://business.nextdoor.com/en-us/small-business/product/ads

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