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360 photo booth financing

360 Photo Booth Financing for Your Business – Top 4 Resources

Here are a few resources for 360 photo booth financing that you may want to consider to get your 360 photo booth business up and running. 

Klarna for 360 Photo Booth Financing

If you just need financing for the 360 photo booth itself, SPINABOOTH offers Klarna through our website.  You can start the process once you have put your 360 photo booth in the cart on our website.  As you are checking out, simply choose Klarna instead of using your credit card. (If you don’t already know this, I’ll just mention that SPINABOOTH offers the best 360 photo booth!)

It is a simple, 2-step application and you will get an instant decision. With the Klarna app, you can download and easily manage your payments and receive reminders.

Klarna was founded in Sweden and has become one of Europe's fastest-growing companies in the leading alternative payment provider category. They are now in 17 countries are serving 90 million consumers and 250,000 retailer’s payment solutions.  They’re safe, secure and established.

Fundbox for 360 Photo Booth Financing 

With Fundbox, you apply for a line of credit, which you can do at their website. They promote themselves as the flexible financing option for entrepreneurs, and they’d be a great resource if you need funds for more than a 360 photo booth financing to get your business off the ground.

They offer more flexible ways for small businesses to manage their finances, such as fast access to funding, insights on cash flow and most important of all, flexible payment options. You can apply at their website and have funds available within 24 hours. 

One thing that is not clear is their criteria for approval, but you can still apply because the application process does not affect your credit score. The nice thing about Fundbox is that it’s a revolving line of credit, so as you pay down the credit line, and if you need to use it again, it's there for you.

Small Business Grants for 360 Photo Booth Financing

There are some great grant programs out there, and a small business grant is the best way to go if you can get it because it’s free money. 

You’ll probably find that there’s a lot more paperwork to do than other solutions, but keep in mind that there are lots of small businesses hoping for a stab at that grant money.  So the grant request process is a bit about “selling your business” to the people who pass out the funds. 

One such program that exists and is worth looking into is the Minority Business Development Agency.

In fact, the MBDA is more than just an agency that passes out free money. It runs a national network of business centers where the focus is purely on growing and promoting minority-owned small businesses.

These MBDA centers help business owners get operating funds, secure contracts and even help them learn how to compete in emerging markets (and a 360 photo booth business is an emerging market).

Your local MBDA center can help you apply for federal, state and local business grants but also for actual financing.

360 Photo Booth Financing for a Business Could Also be Done with an SBA Loan

SBA (Small Business Administration) is a resource that has been around since what seems like the dawn of time.  They typically cater to businesses that can’t meet the strict bank requirements to get a business loan, but your credit score still matters.  They are looking for something over 690 usually. 

This is because they offer lenders, (like a traditional bank for example) a federal guarantee on your loan. That means that if anything goes wrong the bank is still going to get paid, so there is less risk to loaning you the money for your business. If you are approved, for an SBA loan, you’ll typically get a more favorable rate with the lender too. 

One drawback is there’s a lot more to the application process, but the upside is that great interest rate you’ll have if you’re approved, which makes it worth considering.

If you’re looking for the best 360 photo booth, then you’ve found it. If you’re looking for 360 photo booth financing options and all you need is the photo booth, try Klarna first! 

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