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360 photo booth in New Orleans

360 Photo booth in New Orleans – Best Family Fun Ever!

The 360 Photo booth has become the photo booth choice for all types of parties and events in New Orleans. And the SPINABOOTH 360 photo booth is the top choice for most party planners.

Family Fun with 360 Photo Booths at New Orleans Parties

Whether you are having a graduation celebration, an anniversary party, a birthday party or perhaps a family reunion, you’ll want to ensure that you have a 360 photo booth for your New Orleans guests.

They’ll love the 360 photo booth videos that they create themselves, just by standing on the platform and having tons of fun while the revolving arm slowly spins.

The 360 photo booth brings family and fun together with a memorable experience that they will be able to store and keep for years to come.

Depending upon the size of the 360 photo booth you have for your New Orleans event, 2 to 5 family members can stand on the safe and sturdy platform, while the video camera slowly revolves around them, capturing their smiles and laughter their dancing and funny faces, and anything else they choose to do! 

Store Your 360 Photo Booth Videos for a Lifetime!

The 360 photo booth videos can be transferred to their mobile devices, where they can share it to their favorite social media pages that allow video such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok to name just a few. They can also store the 360 photo booth videos to the cloud. Imagine the nostalgia when they log in ten years from now!

360 Photo booths have become the party activity of choice for families celebrating special days or events in New Orleans because they are something the whole family can do.

Nobody has to be 21 to have fun when the 360 photo booth is at that New Orleans party. They can be rented usually for a 2-to-5-hour time slot from different places around New Orleans. 

If you have a large family with lots of parties and events you may even want to buy your own 360 photo booth.

360 photo booth videos

One nice feature about the 360 photo booth is that you can allow each person to use their own cell phone with the 360 revolving arm so they can create their 360 photo booth videos on their own mobile device and then add special effects to it from their favorite video editing software.

Whatever you’re doing with your family in New Orleans, make sure you come away with memorable experiences that you can hold onto for a lifetime with the 360 photo booth.

360 Photo Booth Happiness in New Orleans

We’d like to thank Shyla for her kind words.

“I must say that when I was researching to determine what 360 photo booth I should get for my little New Orleans Party business, I was very impressed with the SPINABOOTH 360 photo booth and the company that offers it. 

“The 360 photo booth is, in my opinion, one of the best on the market today and the service that I have received from the SPINABOOTH company has been very hands on.  The staff that I have worked with have been competent, knowledgeable and most of all made me feel like I mattered.

If you’re considering adding a 360 photo booth to your New Orleans party activities, I recommend the SPINABOOTH 360 photo booth. You’ll feel like you’re a part of the family when you work with these guys!"

You can get more information on the SPINABOOTH 360 photo booth in New Orleans before your next event by clicking here.

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