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360 photo booth Jacksonville, FL

360 Photo Booths in Jacksonville, FL Are a Great Business

A 360 photo booth in Jacksonville, FL is a great business for anybody looking to start their own business or create a second income because 360 photo booths are in demand at events and parties of all types and Jacksonville is not a saturated market. 

Typically, the 360 photo booth is rented by the hour or in 2 to 5 hour packages. Hourly rates usually start around $275.00 in Jacksonville. (Keep in mind these are guidelines, you may find you can charge more).

The event planner, DJ, or party planner who books a minimum of three events a week for a minimum of two hours each (and these numbers are quite low) will make a monthly income of around $7,200.00.  Annually that comes out to $85,000.

If you’re looking for a 360 photo booth in Jacksonville, Fl, look at the SPINABOOTH 360 photo booths. They have become the top choice for people who want a fun way to make money.

This is because the SPINABOOTH 360 photo booth is competitively priced. Plus, the company provides top notch customer service and rapid delivery.  

360 photo booth name ideas

What Makes SPINABOOTH Stand Out from Its Competitors?

The SPINABOOTH company is a black owned and operated company  in the United States which has the goal of reaching out to the black community and helping those with the entrepreneurial spirit realize their dreams and create their own fun and profitable businesses.

Your team at SPINABOOTH strives to create a community where you can succeed. They believe in the entrepreneur. They believe in you. 

If you’re looking for a 360 photo booth in Jacksonville then you’ve found it and you’ve found it with the company that gets you. 

360 Photo Booth Name Ideas for your New 360 Photo Booth Rental Business in Jacksonville

There are those who say that the success of a business can be traced to a few important things, and one of those is its name.

The more the name can reflect what the business offers, the easier it is for people to find and remember that business.

Here’s a Few Guidelines:

  • Avoid any type of name that will make it difficult for people to instantly know what you offer.
  • Avoid any type of name that is too limiting and doesn’t allow for expansion.
  • “Catchy or clever” is great, providing the name doesn’t go against the first two guidelines.
  • Names that rapidly show who and what you are and can easily roll off the tongue are ideal.

360 Photo Booth Name Ideas to Avoid if You Are Running a 360 Photo Booth Rental Business in Jacksonville

  • Joe’s Rentals: All we know is that Joe is renting something.  Who is Joe? Does he rent jet skis? Does he rent trailers for cross country hauling? How are his reviews?  Okay, there’s no way to narrow down what “Joe” at yelp.  (You see the problem?)
  • 5th Booths: Too broad in terms of the booths, and do you have any idea how many 5th Streets there are in the US?
  • Any Name Already Taken: Do a few searches to make sure the name you have chosen isn’t already taken.

360 Photo Booth Name Ideas to Consider If the Only Thing You Offer Is the 360 Photo Booth

  • Spinit 360 Photo Booth Rentals
  • Twirl-a-Pic 360 Photo Booth Rentals
  • Revolve-a-Pic 360 Photo Booth Rentals
  • Twirling Images 360 Photo Booth Rentals

Play with those concepts and see if you can find the perfect 360 photo booth name idea for your 360 photo booth rental business in Jacksonville, FL.

Remember to reach out to us to discuss what 360 photo booth is best for you! We are here to help. 

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