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Are Spinning Photo Booths Safe?

Are Spinning Photo Booths Safe?

When you hear “spinning camera booth,” it may evoke images of high-speed cameras flying around and metal intensely spinning about. You may wonder: Are spinning photo booths safe to use? They're not as dangerous as they sound — 360 camera booths are simply a platform base that guests stand on as a slow motion arm circles around them, taking video at every angle. And, fortunately, they're very safe. There are some safety precautions you’ll want to take when setting up and running your service at events. Here are 5 tips for keeping guests and yourself safe while using your spinning camera booth.

Tip 1: Be mindful of the spinning arm

The part of your machine that has the most potential to be unsafe for guests who are unfamiliar with a spinning camera booth is the spinning arm itself. An easy way to keep guests safe is to show them how it moves with a test run on yourself. Or, you could walk around the booth and physically show them how the arm moves, and remind them to remain on the base platform until the spinning arm has stopped rotating.

Tip 2: Watch your step onto the base platform

Speaking of the base platform, this brings us to our next potential mishap: Tripping on the base platform. Where there’s a 360 photo booth, there’s probably alcohol and heels. Tell guests to mind their feet around the booth with signage, LED lights and friendly verbal reminders.

Tip 3: Tape down cords

To use your 360 photo booth’s automatic spinning feature (opposed to manual spin), you’ll need a power source to plug your power cord into. You may also have a device charger plugged in, as well as lights for extra illumination on your base platform and curved backdrop. What we’re trying to say is there’s bound to be cords galore. Tape all your cords down to minimize trip hazards. A heavy-duty gaffer tape works best because it works on most surfaces (even carpet) and doesn’t leave sticky residue behind.

Tip 4: Light the way

Whether you’ve rented out your spinning camera booth to a romantically lit wedding or spooky Halloween party, you may want extra lighting around your photography area. LED lights are a great option to illuminate your backdrop, path to your photo area, base platform and everything in between. Plus, LED lights look cool and entice guests to come your way.

Tip 5: Add signage

When setting up your 360 photo booth, take a look around the event space and assess if guests would benefit from signs. Signs can help partygoers find your booth, be mindful of the base platform, not trip over cords, to wait for their turn in line, etc. 

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