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How to Make Money Renting Out a 360 Photo Booth

How to Make Money Renting Out a 360 Photo Booth

Whether you’re a professional photographer looking for an extra service to bring in more revenue or exploring the option of starting a 360 photo booth side hustle, here are some tips on making money with a SPINABOOTH.

Rent your
360 photo booth by the hour

We highly recommend offering your SPINABOOTH 360 photo booth at an hourly rate to increase your revenue. What should your hourly rate be, you ask? This depends on a few things: Where you’re located, your reputation in the industry and the packages you may offer.

How to stay competitive when renting out your photo booth

Bigger cities that see many events but a high saturation of photo booth rental businesses will see a higher price point, but it’s important that you price your photo booth competitively. Do a quick Google search of “Photo booth rentals in [your city]” to see what others are charging. If you’re just starting out, maybe price your rate slightly lower so that you can build up a clientele.

That brings us to our next factor: Your reputation. If you’re new to renting out photo booths to bring in extra cash, you may want to do your research and price your rental rate slightly lower. That way, you can build up testimonials and experience. Try not to get discouraged when starting your photo booth rental business. Word of mouth, social media marketing and experience will get you far.   

Offer SPINABOOTH as an add-on service or in a package

The last factor when setting your hourly rate for renting out your SPINABOOTH is considering packages. If you only want to rent out a booth and not offer any other services, skip to the next paragraph! But for those who are DJs, event planners, photographers or videographers — offering packages is a great way for clients to choose exactly what they want from your list of services. For example, if you offer a premium package including the largest SPINABOOTH model, you may be able to charge even more than if you were just offering the photo booth as an add-on.

How to grow your 360 photo booth business

If you’re seeing great return on investment from your SPINABOOTH, why not grow your business? Many entrepreneurs who see success from a photo booth side hustle put profit back into their business by purchasing more booths and renting those out. The more successful your business is, the quicker your SPINABOOTH pays for itself.

One way to sell yourself and your photo booth business or service to potential clients is position a photo booth as extra marketing for events. When guests take 360 spin videos, they’re able to upload the animated GIFs straight to their social channels. Encourage your clients to have an event hashtag or location to tag so that guests can do so. This can drum up extra buzz and exposure for your clients’ events, which is a win-win for you and your clients.

Extra income for DJs, photographers, videographers, event planners and more

No party is complete without music and a photo booth — that’s right, we’re talking to you, DJs. You can offer an add-on service of a SPINABOOTH rental when consulting with clients. Supplementing your music service with a 360 photo booth is sure to help your hourly rate skyrocket.

Photographers and videographers can also add a 360 photo booth to their service offerings as well. SPINABOOTH is a great way to entertain guests and give them a place to create keepsake photos and videos while you are busy taking professional photographs. We especially see this be successful at weddings where the photographers and their co-shooters are super-busy.

If you are an event planner, you know how much clients love picking out the entertainment at their event, whether it’s a big birthday bash or an annual corporate event. Offering your SPINABOOTH in an event package or as an add-on with an hourly rate is an effective way to bring in more cash for an event, with very little effort.

Bring in extra cash by renting out your SPINABOOTH — click here to shop.


I would like more information, I would like to purchase a photoboth along with the 360. I’m new to this I’ve participated on a few but would more detail on how it works and does the photo booth come together.

I’m interested but I have some questions before purchasing

I’m interested in purchasing two 360’s and one photo booth for my business

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