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360 photo booth rental

Promote Your 360 Photo Booth Rentals on these Platforms

Today we're going to take a look at two social media platforms that you can utilize to promote your 360 photo booth rentals. These two platforms may not be your first choice because they're not as prevalent as Facebook or Instagram, but they could very possibly serve you well when you're looking for new customers for your 360 photo booth rentals.


One of the more lucrative markets for party planners, DJs, and event planners is Corporate America. Typically, companies that have more than 15 employees will have some type of party or parties every year. LinkedIn is the business-based platform. The three most common reasons that people are on LinkedIn is to profile themselves in their business and to get business through networking. The third reason is to find employment.

A great way to use LinkedIn to promote your 360 Photo Booth Rentals is to set up a LinkedIn profile, start making connections and posts.

Your posts need to be relevant to the business world, making it a great place to promote. You don’t need to be as socially friend-facing as you do on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok & others.

Here’s an example of a great post on LinkedIn.

360 photo booth rental

Here’s Another Great Post.

360 photo booth rentals

This second post is actually a nice example of how the OP is politely demanding respect for their pricing model, while reassuring the readers of their skills and ability.

This concept probably paid off well for them.The post had a lot of comments and likes because from one business owner to another, it really hit a sensitive spot.  

Your LinkedIn Profile Needs to Sell You & Your 360 Photo Booth Rentals

Make it good!

Spend some time on your profile. Slant it toward your current business and your goals.

If you are not the greatest writer, find somebody who can help you or hire a professional to help you. The better your profile is the more you will be taken seriously as a business owner.

Your LinkedIn profile is often your first impression.


Network & Grow Your Client Base with LinkedIn Groups

Just like most other social media platforms, LinkedIn has groups that you can join. Just click on the Groups Tab & type in "party planners."

Here’s a screen shot.

360 photo booth rentals

Notice the 123 results?

With 123 groups to choose from you’re certain to find something that you’ll benefit from.

You’ll notice some groups only have a couple of members. Avoid those and go for the groups that have at least 100 members.

You do not have to limit yourself to just “business getting” groups. There’s all kinds of groups you can join that can help you grow your business and grow your own knowledge base for running your business. You may want to join entrepreneurial groups or marketing groups for example.

Because LinkedIn is all about business, you’ll find it is simply a great resource.

Make "Connections" to Grow Your 360 Photo Booth Rental Network

"Connections" are the equivalent of “Facebook Friends”. One of the best places to make connections is from the groups you have joined. Many of these can become clients for you if you are solely a 360 photo booth rental company.

If you are a party planner, not all party planners have their own 360 photo booths so they also have the potential to become your clients.

You can also do a search for whatever type of business you want to connect with and send a connection request to those people who come up and are relevant.  

There’s no doubt that LinkedIn is less restrictive than other social media platforms when it comes to growing your connections.


Nextdoor Social Media Platform

Nextdoor is this quiet little social media platform that in many ways may still qualify as “the new kid on the block”, but truly what they are is “the people of the block”.

It’s a social media platform at the neighborhood level. It’s the place where you can make a post about something happening right there in your neighborhood – It’s a neighbors-helping-neighbors concept.

You’ll see posts for lost dogs and cats, or a prowler in the neighborhood, or recommendations of local restaurants, shops and service people, etc.

Mostly it’s a positive place to hang out. Now and then you get somebody making a big deal out of nothing, but then that’s the way of social media platforms in general, so nothing new there.

Here’s Some Background:

Nextdoor is owned by a San Francisco-based company and was founded back in 2008 but didn’t really catch on in a big way until it launched its app in 2011.

Over the years, the Nextdoor network has grown to 236,000 neighborhoods with10+ million users. When you make a post it will go to several of the nearby neighborhoods as well as your neighborhood.

Advertising Opportunities for Your 360 Photo Booth Rentals

In the past couple of years, advertising has become more prevalent and accepted on this platform. The advertising that works is local to the neighborhood and nearby neighborhood community – which happens to be perfect for 360 photo booth rentals and parties.

So jump on Nextdoor and see if you can pick up some business close to home. First by your own posts and then when you’re ready, buy a couple of ads and let them run!

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