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Top Ten Reasons Why People Choose SPINABOOTH 360 Photo Booths

Top Ten Reasons Why People Choose SPINABOOTH 360 Photo Booths

Choosing the right 360 photo booth for your business ventures is a critical decision and it's important to know that you chose well. Here are the top ten reasons why our customers choose the SPINABOOTH 360 Photo Booth over others on the market today.

Quality: You can’t be in business with equipment that may break down or not operate optimally.  That’s why the SPINABOOTH 360 Photo Booth is the first choice for most party planners and DJs.  SPINABOOTH is made from the highest quality part and it built right here in the USA.  When quality matters SPINABOOTH 360 Photo Booth is the only obvious choice.

Excitability: No need to feel desperate at the party you planned because with the SPINABOOTH 360 photo booth the guests will be having a blast!  They won’t be able to just sit around acting quiet, shy or withdrawn at any party that you bring the 360 photo booth to!  SPINABOOTH 360 photo booth brings the excitement and as the guests begin to post their videos, the excitement spreads and just keeps on spreading!

Durability: With it’s upgraded 4 wheeled heavy duty road case that is easily maneuvered and its "Built in the USA" heritage, there is no doubt that the SPINABOOTH 360 photo booth can take a beating and keep on spinning!

Flexibility: With a variety of platform sizes to choose from you’ll be able to provide your guests with the right platform for their party! SPINABOOTH 360 photo booth comes in these sizes: 

  • 27” base fits 1 to 2 people at a time – perfect for more intimate affairs.
  • 31” base fits 2 to 3 people at a time – perfect for small gatherings
  • 40” base fits 4 to 5 people at a time – making it the ideal platform for most parties
  • 45” base fits 6 to 7 people at a time – and that makes it the best all around party experience for any party because it provides full flexibility for all!

Reliability: You already know how good the SPINABOOTH 360 photo booth is.  How it isn’t going to let you down and how you can build a business with it as  your core offer, but do  you also know how good the company behind it is?  SPINABOOTH, the company is here for you.  They pride themselves in customer satisfaction and in customer support.  Any time you have a question, problem or need, you just reach out to SPINABOOTH.  They’re here for you.

Affordability: When you think about all the different businesses a person can try to get set up and running the price tag to get your equipment and launch can make 98% of them simply not possible.  Not so with the SPINABOOTH 360 Photo booth. Not only are the initial costs to get a booth attainable, but in those instances where you need financing, we help with that too.  It’s all about making your dream affordable!

spinabooth 360 photo booth

Funability: (Is that a word?  It is now!) What’s funability?  Oh it’s that thing every business owner would love to have and rarely gets!  How awesome is it to just set up parties, go to parties, interact with potential new clients at parties and help everyone at the party just have a great time?  That’s funability!  A business that is just plain fun!

Profitability: Photo booths always turn a profit, but when you add the twist of 360 then you also just turned the tide on your profit margin too! SPINABOOTH 360 Photo booths rent out for more than traditional photo booths and your normal gig time is a minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 5 hours.  Of course there can also be maximums higher than that. Consider the hourly rate at $200 per and you’ve got yourself a nice little money maker!

Expandability:  Growth is important in any business you set up and the 360 photo booth has that exponential growth factor built right in.  Before you know it you’ll be needing to expand your selection and quantity because you’ve got more parties and events booked than you have 360 photo booths for. Since storage is simple and financing is often as easy as 1, 2, 3, getting what you need when you need it works out very nicely!

Viability:  Viability is basically your measurement of a profitable future.  The 360 photo booth is not a short term fad, this baby is here to stay and is already becoming the expected party attraction.  Let’s face it, it isn’t going to be a great party unless there’s a SPINABOOTH 360 photo booth!

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