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The best 360 photo booth for sale

SPINABOOTH: Best 360 Photo Booth in Atlanta, GA for Weddings

Whether you’re planning a wedding at The City Winery, The Peachtree ClubThe Fox Theatre, or any other of the highly sought after wedding venues, you want to know that the reception will not only be memorable, but that everyone will have the time of their lives!

Best 360 Photo booth in Atlanta, GA

Knowing that the Bride & Groom have entrusted all details to you means you’ll need to provide the most memorable photo experiences possible.

In addition to your traditional photographer, give everyone the best 360 photo booth in Atlanta, GA and set up the SPINABOOTH 360 photo booth at the reception.

All the wedding guests will be making memories that they can cherish for a lifetime while having an absolute blast!

People love the way the 360 photo booth footage can be immediately transferred to their cell phones and shared online to their social media.

It’s the greatest word of mouth advertising too! As they walk around the reception showing their 360 photo experiences, more and more people will want to join in the fun and create their own memories. (Pro tip: make sure you have plenty of business cards by the SPINABOOTH so people can book you for their upcoming parties! 

SPINABOOTH Is the Best 360 Photo Booth for Sale

You may wonder what makes SPINABOOTH one of the best 360 photo booths for sale on the market today. These five key concepts have a lot to do with it:

  • Reliability – The SPINABOOTH 360 photo booth has been designed well. It has an excellent track record for not breaking down, and not just for your current party, but for many parties to come. 
  • Durability – The SPINABOOTH 360 photo booth is well built while not being overly heavy or hard to transport. It’s made right here in the USA too.
  • Affordability –  The are several options and packages available. You’ll be able to get the right SPINABOOTH for your needs at an affordable price. The company even has financing available through Klarna.
  • Simplicity – You have a lot to do at a wedding reception, the last thing you need is a complicated or complex event activity that people can’t figure out or you have to take more than ten minutes to get ready for the guests. You can set up a SPINABOOTH in 5 to 10 minutes, and all your guests have to do is step on the platform and have some fun!
  • Transportability - The SPINABOOTH 360 photo booth is easy to transport and comes with its own carrying case on wheels.  It's easy to load and unload into any vehicle too.

As you know, these are five key factors that every event or wedding planner needs.  If you’re planning weddings, then these are even more important as it is always so important to try to make the perfect day for every bride and groom and all their guests.

The SPINABOOTH 360 photo booth is offered by a company that cares about you and your success. The SPINABOOTH company is a Georgia-based company too.  That makes your partners “right around the corner”!

If you don’t already own a 360 photo booth then make sure you get the SPINABOOTH 360 photo booth for all your weddings and events. You’ll be happy you did!  It’s the best 360 photo booth in Atlanta, GA!

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