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portable 360 photo booth

Take Your Portable 360 Photo Booth to all Your Parties with Ease

One of the great things about the SPINABOOTH portable 360 photo booth is that you truly can take it wherever your party leads you.   

Similar to the concept of providing a bounce house for a kid’s party, you bring the SPINABOOTH portable 360 photo booth to the party, take 10 minutes to set it up and let the fun begin!

That’s not to suggest that the SPINABOOTH is only for kids.  It’s not!

This spinning 360 photo booth is for any type of party and any age group. 

spinning 360 photo booth

If you’re a party planner and you’re trying to figure out if the SPINABOOTH is right for your party, there’s only one question you need to ask: 

Will there be people there?

If there’s people then the SPINABOOTH will be the single most wanted activity you can offer!

Precautions for Some Venues with the Portable 360 Photo Booth

 Although these 360 photo booths are portable and an excellent concept for any type of party, there are a couple of environments that you may want to avoid.

Some outside venues where dirt or sand could get into your equipment should be avoided or you should take extra precautions when setting up to protect the spinning 360 photo booth.

An example could be a beach party or other outside venue that has a lot of wind kicking up sand, dirt or debris. 

You don’t want your spinning 360 photo booth out in the rain either. 

It’s always a good idea to scout for a suitable indoor or “elements safe” location for your SPINABOOTH 360 portable photo booth when booking an outside venue. 

Sand or sea water getting onto the camera lens would degrade the quality of the photos for starters.

The pictures would have saltwater spots and sand specs on them, requiring a lot of touch up, which is not likely to happen in a party environment.

It’s also possible that if too much sand, dirt or water got into any of the working parts of the spinning 360 photo booth that it could affect the performance and possibly even result in the need for a repair.

Thus, common sense still must be used when booking parties for the SPINABOOTH 360 portable photo booth to make sure that your equipment performs optimally for many more parties.

Transporting the SPINABOOTH 360 Portable Photo Booth

Portable 360 Photo Booth

Portability can often be compromised when a person finds out that even though an item can be transported, it isn’t easy. 

An example would be back to the bounce house, minimally you’d need a pickup truck. 

That’s not the case with the SPINABOOTH spinning 360 photo booth. It comes with its own durable yet beautiful metal carrying case with built-in wheels.

You can roll it to your car and place it either in the back seat or trunk.

The ease of transportability is one of the main selling points for many party planners who have chosen the SPINABOOTH portable 360 photo booth over other brands on the market today.

Ready to start adding the spinning 360 photo booth experience to your parties?  Click Here

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