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Tips for Making the Most Out of Your 360  Photo Booth

Tips for Making the Most Out of Your 360 Photo Booth

Photo booths are undeniably fun at venue-based events. These machines offer a unique experience that partygoers can’t get elsewhere, especially if you use a 360 photo booth. Discover the top tips for making the most out of your 360 photo booth.

Encourage Users To Add Hashtags

360 photo booths are all about capturing angles that other photo booths can’t. These exclusive angles of exciting events make for ideal social media content. You can bet that anyone using your 360 photo booth will want to post and share their newly snapped photos and videos online. Create simple, clean, custom hashtags for your venue and event. The more digital interconnectivity you achieve, the more visibility you’ll have.

Rent It Out Yourself

When you get a 360 photo booth, you likely intend for it to bring in revenue. If you don’t have many bookings in the near future, but a sister or partner venue does, you can rent it out and create your own mini photo booth business. If you begin a rental program, make sure you have the right equipment in working order before sending it off. Do you need a moving photo booth? Explore our automatic 360 photo booth for sale online at SPINABOOTH.

Promote It Heavily

If you have one of the hottest pieces of tech in the event and hospitality industry, why hide it? Make sure that your 360 photo booth is front and center in your marketing efforts. The more you push it to the forefront, the more people will know about it and create buzz around your events.

Remember these tips for making the most out of your 360 photo booth as you order and install one for your business. Do you have any questions about photo booths? Reach out to our experts at SPINABOOTH today.


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