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Spinabooth Money Gun

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  • The perfect accessory for your SPINABOOTH that can feed up to more than 100 pcs dollar bills or similar at a rapid rate. Send money flying across the room and making it rain money without touching a bill.
  • The cash gun has motor so it can shot a fully load cash smoothly at a rapid rate.
  • Simple to use. Install 4 AA batteries into the gun right side before use.
  • Lift the cover and put in your play cards or copy money, and then press the cover inside the body, point the gun slightly up towards the sky and pull the trigger in small bursts. The loaded money will come flying out.
  • If the money gun is fired downward, the money may piled up and it may not come out well.
  • Package includes: SPINABOOTH money gun and a bundle of fake money bills

360 Degree Rotation Shooting

The 360 Booth is a slow motion camera that captures the dazed faces of your guests in a very unique way. Guests stand on a platform using a slow motion arm to circle automatically around them. You can also customize overlays and animations to make the memories that much more special. For example, you can include a logo for your bridal shower, add extra cuteness with hearts or emoji's throughout the video, or have great messages scrolling out from screen.

Rave reviews from verified Spinabooth users Daily

Create A Whole New Experience For Your Clients Or Partners At Any Event

"As someone new to the 360 photo booth I was very impressed with the customer service the shipping time and the quality of the machine"- Brigette G.