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What's Included

1x Travel Flight Case

1x SPIN-A-BOOTH Base Platform

1x Instruction Manual 

1x Money Gun 

1x LED Ring Light 

20x Prop Templates 

1x Tablet Mount 

1x Phone Mount 

1x Ball Mount 

1x Arm Bag 

1x Accessories Bag

1x AC Power Cord

2x Wireless Remote


Where do you ship?

We ship worldwide, both domestically and internationally.

Does Spinabooth come assembled?

Spinabooth ships disassembled in its travel case.

How long until my Spinabooth arrives?

Shipping time will vary and will be estimated at checkout based on your location

What shipping carriers do you use?

We use all major mail carriers and local courier partners. You'll choose a delivery method during checkout.

Why Spinabooth

At Spinabooth, we aim to stay on the cutting edge of event photo booth and video booth technology. That's why we keep our technology up to date with slow-motion software that captures ultra-smooth video, plus the ability for guests to instantly share their memories on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Expertly engineered in the United States, Spinabooth has gained a positive reputation among event professionals, party planners and DJs.

Unlike other 360 degree photo booths, Spinabooth is portable and super-easy to set up and take down, making your post-event cleanup a breeze. Even better, you don’t need any experience or expertise to use this 360 degree photography booth. Why look anywhere else to buy a photo booth for your next event? Spinabooth can't be beat.


How much space do I need for a Spinabooth?

The camera arm requires about 3 feet (about 1 meter) of clear space to rotate around the platform. Beyond that, your photo booth area’s size is up to you as you set up your backdrop.

How do I set up a space for Spinabooth?

Consider your backdrop before you set up your Spinabooth. Try a curved or rounded backdrop that would show up in the entire 360° photo or video. How much of it do you want in the frame? Does it need additional lights? With your backdrop in place, position and assemble your Spinabooth and its LED ring light. Don’t forget to take a few test shots!

Does Spinabooth need to be plugged in?

The wireless option for Spinabooth does not require to be plugged in. However, the standard spin option does need to be plugged into a wall outlet or portable battery.

How much can I charge for Spinabooth?

We recommend doing research when setting your 360 photo booth rental price and pricing it specific to your area. We recommend researching local prices when setting your 360 photo booth rental price. Typically, you can charge two to three times what a standard photo booth rental is in your area. We recommend renting out your Spinabooth by the hour.

Is Spinabooth easy to assemble?

Yes! Spinabooth can be assembled by one person in under 10 minutes. Other than your preferred device, your 360 degree slow motion photo booth comes complete with everything you need to set it up.

Is Spinabooth easy to use?Spinabooth is very intuitive and easy to use. Setup takes 10 minutes or less, can be done by one person and the video- and photo-taking experience guides guests step by step.

Supports Multiple Devices

Supports smartphones, iPad, GoPro, DSLR camera. bundled up with options of slo-mo, picture, video or live gif. People can instantly view these videos and share them online Instantly to Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

360 Degree Rotation Shooting

The 360 Booth is a slow motion camera that captures the dazed faces of your guests in a very unique way. Guests stand on a platform using a slow motion arm to circle automatically around them. You can also customize overlays and animations to make the memories that much more special. For example, you can include a logo for your bridal shower, add extra cuteness with hearts or emoji's throughout the video, or have great messages scrolling out from screen.

Rave reviews from verified Spinabooth users Daily

Create A Whole New Experience For Your Clients Or Partners At Any Event

"As someone new to the 360 photo booth I was very impressed with the customer service the shipping time and the quality of the machine"- Brigette G.